Semi Permanent Brows

What are semi-permanent brows?
Semi permanent brows is the use of pigment and a needle being deposited into the dermal layer of the skin. With this treatment we can draw individual hairs (known as hair stroke technique) or create a more powdered effect depending on which look you wish to achieve. Every design is bespoke to you, whether your brows have thinned with age, are fair or you just want to improve the shape and look you will be sure to receive the brows you’ve longed for.

Do I need a top up after my first treatment?
A second appointment is not always required after your initial treatment. However, if a top up is required, in this appointment we can make any adjustments to the eyebrows if needed.

How often will I need top up’s?
Usually every 12 months to maintain the colour and shape.

Do i have to follow any aftercare?
Yes, to which a detailed aftercare sheet will be given post treatment.


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